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A Retreat for Las Vegas Vacationers

Red Rock Canyon is a park situated just outside of the famous Las Vegas. In the event that you get bored with the city, you can take a short trip out of it to the canyon area. Red Rock Canyon is beautiful and highly protected conservation area. When in this park you cannot light fireworks ,start fires, or do anything that would harm the fragile desert environment. In Red Rock Canyon you can take the scenic drive, or if you feel adventurous, a hike. Hiking here in the summer is not recommended unless you are physically fit and have plenty of water on hand.

Hiking in the area is a given. With good shoes, water and food, you can take a short hike or a long hike. Whatever the case, Red Rock Canyon isn’t so big that you will have a hard time choosing which way to go. Simply pick a trail and head that way. Be sure that you have everything necessary to stay safe in the area. Dehydration is dangerous and can result in death!

Rock climbing is a popular sport here too. Special permits are required to climb in the area, which require special equipment as well. Other than that climbing the giant cliffs is a rewarding experience, but also a dangerous one. If you are not fit and ready for the challenges ahead, save your life and skip rock climbing until you are experienced.The cliff walls range in heights from as low as 650 feet to above 1,000 feet. They are popular and many people come here yearly to climb the walls.

Rock scrambling is also popular. It is much different from rock climbing, which usually requires fancy equipment. Rock scrambling is best described as a combination between hiking uphill and rock climbing. Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas is a popular spot for such, thus many visitors pick a hill and scramble up it. This is dangerous if you do not have proper shoes or a strong upper body. Rock scrambling in the summer can lead to death in Red Rock Canyon.

Tips for Red Rock Canyon Explorers:

Always bring tons of water. It’s better to bring more water than not enough water. You can pick up a gallon of water at Von’s or Walgreen’s in Las Vegas for only $1. It is recommended you have at least 5 gallons of water, just in case.

Sun Block will be a life saver. When applied correctly, the sun block will prevent you from turning into a blistered lobster colored person.

Always wear the appropriate shoes. The wrong shoes can lead to blisters and sore feet, none of which anyone wants while hiking!

Even though Red Rock is smaller in size than some of the other nearby Canyon areas, it is still important to tell others where you are going. In the event that something happens they should know how to rescue you.

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