The fascinating Orient Express
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The fascinating Orient Express

Traveling by car is obsolete and damages the environment. I love more and more traveling by train, and especially the Orient Express.

Orient Express was first of all managed by Compagnie Internationale des Wagon Lits and lead from Paris to Istanbul, through Switzerland, Austria, Budapest, Bucharest.

Orient Express stands always for high luxury, haute cuisine, and high society. It was the favorite way of transportation for state officials, adventurers, business people, bourgeoisie. La creme de la creme.

The fascinating Orient Express

And it stands also for crimes, intrigues, and espionageMata Hari, the famous spy, used to travel by Orient Express. A few diplomates died in the train on more or less natural causes. Agatha Christie had a lot of material for their novel “The crime from Orient Express”, which she wrote partially even on the train!

Today the Orient Express still serves, and there are actually more Orient Express. Get one of them, is a fantastic adventure and travel. I would propose to you the classical Paris-Istanbul!

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