Top 12 Hottest Beach Parties
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Top 12 Hottest Beach Parties

Who doesn’t love the beach? Warm sand, warm weather, hot girls in bikinis, there is nothing better then a day out by the ocean. Which is why beach parties are probably the most popular of all parties, no matter where you are in the world. From mellow hangout with live musicians, to pounding music and plenty of drinks, we have compiled a list of the twelve beach fiestas that can really draw a crowd.

Cala Jondal, Ibiza Beach Party

Home to the fantastic Blue Marlin, one of the greatest bars in Ibiza, this little gem features great Djs, cheap drinks, and hammocks littered around the bar where you can cozy up with that special lady, or maybe the new one you just met.

Koh Phangan, Thailand Beach Party

Thailand is one of the most surprising party spots in the world, and the parties on Haad Rin Beach are legendary. Tens of thousands of people show up every year for a large beach lined with speakers that blast some of the greatest music of the 90’s, and to partake of some of the choicer consumables that are always available.

Koh Phangan Party

Koh Phangan Party

Nikki Beach, Miami Beach Party

This is one party you had better have the cash for. Nikki Beach is renowned for it’s many clubs and glitzy clientele, and while it’s possible to get in without dropping too much cash, you better have the looks to get someone else to drop it for you. Because champagne and caviar dreams don’t come cheap.

Mykonos, Greece Beach Party

Located on the beautiful oceanside sands of Mykonos is the Paradise Beach Bar. A favorite of celebrities, both local and international, it’s favorite of party goers who like a little glitter with their good times.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall Beach Party

Home of one of the world’s largest and most diverse music festivals, Watergate Bay is a great place to go for good tunes, and good old fashioned cider, a drink the region is famous for.

Rabac, Croatia Beach Party

If you like to dance, then this is the perfect party for you. Every August the Rabac Dance Festival is held, and it’s two days of nonstop dancing and drinking, a sure win with anyone who likes to keep things simple and active.

New York City, New York Beach Party

It’s the town that never sleeps, and the PS1’s Warm Up beach parties are a great time for people who love to dance to an urban beat. And it runs once a week all summer, so you can be sure to catch as plenty of the vibes.

Palma, Mallorca Beach Party

The clubs along Puro Beach are some of the more balanced that you will find anywhere. With healthy food, yoga classes first thing in the morning, and a DJ that spins most of the day and night, it’s a great mellow place to enjoy the beach, and the company of others.

While these are all some of the more well known and enjoyed beach parties around the world, there are plenty of others that can offer you a good time. And some of the locations may surprise you

Punta Del Este, Uruguay’s La Barra Beach Party

South Padre Island, Texas Beach Party

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Beach Party

Copenhagen, Denmark’s Copencabana Beach Party

So if you are looking for some beach bunnies, blaring music, hot sand, and cool drinks then you have to check out some of these parties. Enjoy!