Unexpected Charm in Uruguay
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Unexpected Charm in Uruguay

Uruguay is a country in the Southeastern area of South America. It is a charming country with plenty of old villages and towns. It also has big cities and modern attractions, but most people come here for small town rustic feel. Uruguay is bordered by water, and only has one land border. If you visit you may be taking boats to get to other areas quite often. The foods, culture, and scents of the country are amazing enough to lure in anyone that has a love of traveling out of the norm.

First of all, traditional foods are delicious and well prepared. Some of the most popular meals are Milenesa, Pancho, Chivito, Asada, and Strudel’s. These meals are all very affordable, though upscale establishments may cost a bit more than you would expect.

Statistically speaking, Uruguay has high ratings for both “peace” and literacy. This is a nation that places heavy importance on art, culture, and literature. You can expect a number of talented street vendors and artists to offer you their hand crafted goods. It’s always polite to buy a thing or two, especially if you have the luggage space. If not, they can’t really blame you!

If you are near the beaches you can enjoy surfing, wind surfing, and body surfing. These are fantastic active adventures that will surely please your need for adventure. The beach lifestyle is relaxed and may be more enjoyable than being in the middle dry land of the nation.

Shopping and nightlife are also lively. You can expect tons of flea markets and street markets to shop at. The nightlife may be dangerous in some areas, but for the most part clubs and bars are safe.Most places are open 24 hours a day! This includes bars, clubs, casinos, and more. You don’t have to worry about something closing in the middle of your night out.

Las Grutas beach is a crowded beach in Uruguay due to it’s popularity. There is however, a number of caves that you can explore and visit. It’s worth bearing with the tourist area to fully experience the caves. There are also little hidden areas here that are fun to explore. Gorriti Island is another beach where you can experience less crowds and white sands. This area is quiet and ideal for people that enjoy nature and seeing the creatures around them.

Concerts and live entertainment are a must when you visit Uruguay. There are a number of live Tango shows that are enticing and enthusiastic. These are definitely amazing to witness while in the area, and worth seeing more than once. If you get the opportunity to see other live shows – do so! It’s incredible to witness the talents of the individuals performing, and truly something you will never see anywhere else.

Everything is so affordable in Uruguay, just be careful when exchange rates begin to fluctuate too much. It’s best to exchange some USD for some of the local currency, then adjust your funds as needed. Don’t convert all of your money at once!

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