Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame
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Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame

For baseball fans all around the world, the Baseball Hall of Fame, located in Cooperstown, New York, is the perfect vacation destination. At the Hall you can learn all about the greatest baseball players of all time, and see priceless and rare items that are not available anywhere else. The Hall is more than just a display of the greatest players of the sport – it’s also the largest baseball museum in the world.

Founded in June, 1939 by Lee Ferrick Andrews, the Hall of Fame has been honoring excellent players and managers for more than 70 years. The hall of fame has become so well-known that the term “Cooperstown”, which is actually a town in the state of New York, has become a metonym for the Hall. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, and because of this, tourism in Cooperstown is booming.

Because of the hall of fame, the area surrounding Cooperstown has become rather tourist-friendly. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants, and shops that appeal to tourists and locals alike. Of course the prices are slightly higher than normal, but compared to other vacation destinations, a trip to Cooperstown would be quite affordable. Though there are other things to do in Cooperstown, the Hall is by far the main attraction. If you truly love baseball, you could get lost in the Hall of Fame for days on end – especially since there are 3 floors packed full of fascinating information, artifacts, and collectibles.

So if you love baseball, come join the 350,000+ visitors a year, and bring the family down to Cooperstown for a vacation. It’s an affordable, fun alternative to typical family vacations, and it can be an experience you will never forget.

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