What do you think hearing Australia?
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What do you think hearing Australia?

What do you think about hearing Australia? It is something very musical, very strange and exciting simultaneously. It’s a kind of magic, shortly. Aussies too are a little bit different. They are all very good swimmers, have no afraid of sharks, and some of them conquer the world (Russell Crow, Nicole Kidman, A.C.D.C. If you know other, tell me and us more about them!)

It is the most little continent of the Globe, and the only continent where is only a country and a nation. And that’s why this country is not so little anymore. It is huge and very diverse. On the coasts, the Indian Ocean is rounding Australia. The southern Tropic of Capricorn is crossing Australia. On a surface of 7631500 sq km live 20000000 people. Plenty of place for everyone! Would you be a farmer in Australia?

When you think deeper, it is not so rose anymore: in the middle of the country there are big deserts, and there are also cities like Melbourne and Sidney.

What do you think hearing Australia?

Australia was discovered by the Dutch and colonized by England in the 17th century, nevertheless its existence was expected and suspected.

Special mention for the animals of Australia. Many of them are very particular, and impossible to find elsewhere: the lovely kangaroo, the black swan, the emu bird, and the sad ornitorinc.

Australia is divided in a few states and territories: New South Wales;Victoria; Queensland; Western Australia; Southern Australia; the Federal District of Canberra, and Tasmania.

How would you like to discover Australia?

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