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10 Great Tips for Traveling with Children

They say once you have children, you can never travel or go anywhere again. That is a complete lie, because many people manage to have children and still enjoy yearly travels to various destinations. Traveling with children can be a little more difficult, but it isn’t any less enjoyable. Children can learn so much from traveling around the world and visiting new places. Travels can give them perspective on new things too!

1. Try not to bring very small children. It’s always better to take a child that is 5 or older. At this age he or she can walk and talk, and isn’t as likely to cause a disturbance on a plane.

2. Be sure to look up fun and exciting events in the area you are traveling to. Many places have kid friendly hotels and resorts. The Hydro Hotel in Switzerland is one of such hotels! Many more await you around the world.

3. If your child is old enough, give them a spending limit. If they want to buy certain things to bring home, set rules for their spending ahead of time. This gives them some freedom but also allows them to buy meaningful souvenirs while abroad.

4. It doesn’t hurt to make sure your child is very close at hand at all times. Some parents use leashes in airports and big areas, but that can be embarrassing. Just make sure small children are in sight at all times, and teens are at least a cell phone call away.

5. Don’t plan to eat out at fancy restaurants. Keep it simple and kid friendly, no child wants to be forced to eat at a stuffy restaurant while wearing a mini business suit for kids.

6. Explore museums wherever you go. They teach your child valuable lessons about the world around them, and they are incredible opportunities to teach while on vacation! The kids won’t even know its an educational lesson.

7. As always, if there are beaches nearby, explore them! Have fun and look for unique shells, eat a picnic on the beach, or teach your child to surf.

8. Take plenty of photos! They make great memories for your child in the future, and are a great way to capture things he or she may not remember in a few years.

9. Find fun interactive dining places. Some restaurants let you play with your food, cook your own food, and do tons of neat stuff. They are a creative way to keep your child entertained.

10. The most important rule of traveling with children is to relax and spend sometime on your own too! Many hotels have child care so you can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment or eat dinner with your husband or wife.

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