Emergencies During Travels
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Emergencies During Travels

Do not think now about disasters, it is embarrassing. But you must be prepared also for that case!(have a last will, what to be done with your remainings, possibilities to be identified). Sorry for remember this.

So, forget the disaster, and focus on emergencies! You still have good chances, and you will succeed for sure. These things happened to many other people, tourists, and travelers as you are!

I could find the following embarrassing situations;

1. Your flight delays. Take it easy, the delay may not be so long. Usually, the flight companies put to your disposal some food and drinks, and even rooms!

2.Once arrived at the destination airport, you observe your luggage damaged or lost. It is bad, and keep in mind it can occur. Take your money, credit cards, and personal documents with you, do not leave them in the luggage. Let the flight company know about the situation, in writing. Usually, they will bring the luggage to you in 1 or two days. If the luggage is damaged, you must insist on reimbursement!

3.You lost your passport. Go quickly to the Embassy or Consulate of your country, and let them know about your situation. They must do something! Or phone to them, speak to them! The best thing: you must have these calling numbers prepared before living!

4. You arrived to your destination, but the confirmation of your pay is not there. Speak to your travel agent, and check by your credit card!

5.You have problems with the law. Avoid drugs, this is the main reasons for these situations. Announce your country Consulate and behave like to point 2.

6. You are sick. Go to the hospital and announce your country consulate and act like to point 2.

7. You have the worst place in the plane. It literally stinks. And a baby is crying next to you! If the stewardess cannot do anything for you and change the seat, no one can do. Take a sleeping pill.

8.You are at the peak of passion, and notice that you have no condoms. Run away, and get it! But this situation is the most embarassing possible.

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