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Top 10 Trips Activities for Men and Friends group

Men need as much guy bonding time and fun as girls do. The only difference is the activities and the venue where they go to have fun. Guys don’t wait for special events like birthdays, promotions, or parties to take some time off and check out the best all-guys getaway.

Here are some things which top our list:


First on the list is to catch a baseball game in Boston. To see a REAL baseball game, you should definitely go there during summer season so you can feel the intensity and the frenzy of it all. But going there during the other months of the year is no harm too. You can enjoy and explore Fenway Park and experience the game of your life.


Cooking is no longer a lady’s job. Take note that the best chefs in the world are men. If you want to learn how to cook or grill food, the Culinary Institute of America in Nappa Valley, North Carolina is right for you.  CIA (yes, the CIA) will make you a macho cooking expert in the least time possible. Don’t enjoy cooking as much as eating?  That’s not a problem. Let the kitchen masters in the different restaurants in Nappa Valley serve you a sumptuous meal. You can also choose the best wines in the Valley’s Wineries.  How’s that for a culinary adventure?


No need to wait for Oktoberfest for all the beer you want. Just go to biggest state in Germany, Bavaria. You can enjoy traveling around this place while exploring monasteries and castles, walking around medieval villages, swimming in the lakes or climbing the mountain with your favorite drink. Though Munich is where Oktoberfest is held, Bavaria is the place where all the beer is made. Kampay!


Playing golf in Ponte Vedra Beach will surely be one of the best boy-bonding you don’t want to miss.  So bring your best buddies! Tee off time!


Want to be closer to nature? Go on a camping trip at the Death Valley in California. Explore the wild with its rocks, mountains and dunes. Just be careful with the wild animals like coyotes, snakes and wild donkeys. Another tip is to bring two gallons of water per day for you to survive your adventure.

Las Vegas

Party all night, flirt with girls, and gamble all you want in Las Vegas. Looking for a place perfectly made for you to experience the best all-boys jaunt? The Hardwood Suite at the Palms Casio Resort for you. It has basketball courts, pool tables, and overflowing bars. To top it all, beautiful women in cheerleading uniform will keep you wide-eyed with good cheer. Name it! It’s all here.


Going for a cowboy adventure, you can either choose from Big Bend National Park in Rio Grande or in Lajitas, Texas.  Yeehaw, cowboy!


Who said spas are for ladies only? Men can also enjoy a spa in Chicago. Relax and detoxify in 316 Club Barber Spa- a spa that caters to the specific needs of men.

Nature trip

Take a trip in Panama and discover virgin beaches and tropical rain forests and maybe some exotic beauties as well.  Sport fishing is one of the best activities you can do in Panama.


Bring your surf boards and embrace the waves in Manly Beach in Sydney. They offer surfing classes that cater to the level of your surfing skills. The vacation doesn’t end once the sun is out because the party is just about to start.  So round up the gang and have fun!

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