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Manchester Travel – The New English Hot Spot

When you think of great tourist locations in Britain, the same city always seems to come to mind: London. With so much history associated with England’s capital, it’s not surprising that everyone is quick to jump to it when thinking about tourism in the area. However, a contender has arisen in recent years, and is quickly taking the place that London once held in the travel industry, leaving it covered in dust in it’s wake.

That city in Manchester, the unsung hero of English vacations. While not nearly as high profile as many other British cities, this little gem has been coming into the spotlight over the last few years, with it’s attractions, sights, events, hotels, and restaurants hitting the top of the lists of must see’s for any tourist visiting the area. Add to that fact that most accommodations are presented at a fraction of the cost of most London hotels and hostels, and you have plenty of reasons to look to Manchester travel for your next trip.

When people ask me what makes Manchester such a fantastic place to unwind, and why it is that I always end up back there when I have some vacation time, I always have the same two answers: the museums and the nightlife. While it may seem strange to put the two together, they mesh much more naturally then you might think.

Each time I find myself in the greater Manchester area, I always take the time to visit their local museums and galleries, taking in the culture. My all time favorite is one of the less visited, which only adds to the appeal of the incredible Godlee Observatory. Located in the main building of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, it houses the original Grubb telescope, built in 1902. There is nothing better then visiting on a clear day, and taking a look into the sky.

If you prefer art to science, you might like the Manchester Art Gallery, which is located in the city centre. Home to some of the work of Britain’s most famous artists, I always find some time to visit in order to take in the Henry Moore exhibit, of which I am a huge fan.

Once the day has been passed in a properly educated and productive way, the nights are free to be enjoyed at any of Manchester’s fantastic bars. My favorite drinking spot when I am in town is the Britons Protection on Bridgewater Street. A nice, traditional style English pub, they have a huge selection of hundreds of great whiskeys, not to mention food that’s to die for, and that you won’t find anywhere else. The wild bore is especially delectable.

Manchester travel has taken off, and is growing at a shocking rate. With so much to do, see, experience, and achieve in this largely undiscovered tourist spot, it’s not surprising that it’s become such a popular destination, so book your vacation to Manchester today, and save London for the day trips.

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