9 Things the Hotel Desk Clerk will not tell you
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9 Things the Hotel Desk Clerk will not tell you

Hotels are managed in different ways. There are certain things they do not tell consumers, industry secrets that can somehow help you save some money, enjoy your holiday more, or simply become a better consumer.

Here are some tips on how you can get a better deal with your hotel:

Try to call the hotel you want to stay in directly

You have the 1-800 numbers for your hotel reservation but you have to know that this number will go to a call center which most of the times can only give you the set going on rates and fees. You can try to call the hotel directly and try to negotiate for a more pocket friendly deal.

Booking online is fast and convenient, but you can negotiate

Online booking sites rake in around 20 to 30 % when you use their website to book your room. Try to negotiate if they can chop off some from the online price and you end up with some more pocket money for shopping and other stuff.

You can ask for an upgrade, No extra charge

You can always try to ask for a room upgrade just make sure that you do it discreetly and nicely. Do it with a smile. You can also try to ask for a corner room which is practically bigger compared to the other rooms.

Call at the right time

Requesting for something always involves right timing. Call during the busy hours of 9 in the morning through 1 in the afternoon and most likely the desk clerk will decline your request. Imagine, having to deal with your requests while he or she has a long queue of guests trying to check-in or check-out.

Showing up too early

Arriving too early at the hotel might spell some problems. Your room might not be ready yet and you just cannot ask the staff to go faster. Rushing them might not be a very good idea.

Souvenir takers beware

Don’t you just enjoy those cute little soap, lotion, and shampoo bottles in your hotel room? Take some and it might just be okay but those who bring home bedspreads, towels, pillows? The hotel can bill your credit card, of course.

Avoiding tourist traps

Some concierges get fees when they send you to some tourist traps. If you want to get the best deals, try to ask the other hotel staff or the locals.

Hotels may not be totally soundproof

Try to tone down a bit since not all hotel rooms are designed to be soundproof. Once they get complaints, the hotel will definitely send someone to check if everything is okay.

WiFi Charges

The hotel staff might have an easier time to waive the fees of the internet when you check out rather than waiving them when you arrive.

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