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Low cost flights

A few years ago a good friend of mine, a belgian expat living in Romania, used to visit his parents in Belgium via Athens! The reason is easy to guess: besides a visit in the greek islands, the flight offer from Athens was cheaper than from Romania! Low flights and low airfares were practically unknown from Bucharest, he only had expensive choices with prestige companies. Because of these facts, he ordered the airline tickets online and took the plane from Athens.

Meanwhile he can also fly cheap from Bucharest with no name companies, whose secrets are easy to guess and to unveil: less luxury and meals on board, cheaper planes, cheaper airports etc.

The differences are huge, more than three times! It means quite something for an addicted traveler like me, my friend and perhaps all of you. Unfortunately for the big companies, the cheap companies are also reliable and safe. But for the big companies remain the long range flights, there are no cheap alternatives for this market!

For environment aware people, there is also a mater of emissions: the flights are a major source for air pollution. And fortunately for the name companies the better the plane, the lower the emissions! There are already plans for banning the cheap flights on this reason!

No matter what is your choice, I wish a pleasant trip and a safe arrival!

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