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Top 10 Restaurants with stunning views

Food is a lot better when you have a good ambiance or a spectacular view that comes with the dining experience. If your travel budget is a bit tight and cannot book a luxury hillside hotels, a good meal at a restaurant with a great view from the dining area is always a good splurge. Here are some great places to enjoy good food and spectacular views:

1-Altitude in Singapore

This three level restaurant crowns the OUB Center which is the Singapore counterpart of the Wall Street in the West. It is a perfect place which offers the spectacular view of the city while enjoying your servings of satay, pizza, or Turkish bread and dips. A good chit chat with your travel mate or business colleague is nice with a few cocktails ranging from mojito to modern creative concoctions.

1-Altitude is a favorite hang out place of the yuppies in Singapore after a long day at work. Here you can get a good survey of the Singaporean skyline and see modern architectural marvels like the Marina Bay and also watch the ships cruising onto the South China Sea. You can get cocktails starting at $16 or wine for around $13 a glass.

Pierchic in Dubai

Pierchic which makes use of understated architectural lines is like a study in contrast to the magnificent skyscrapers of Dubai. It makes use of wooden beams that complements the long jetty which links the dining room to the Jumeirah Beach. From the restaurant, you can fully appreciate the beauty of the Burj Al Arab and its thousand foot high glass sail and also the man-made Palm Jumeirah.

Although the Pierchic is located near the water, most of the seafood like their oysters, salmon, and lobsters are imported from different corners of the globe.

For less than $50 you can enjoy the seafood menu which brings to your table an appetizer, intermediate, main course, and dessert. The dishes change daily but there will be options like the pan-fried oyster, crème brulee, and shrimp panna cotta.

Chez Manu in Argentina

Who will expect French food to die for in the southern most city on earth while enjoying the view of the Beagle Channel as icebreakers and other ships pass by the strait from Antarctica or the Great Southern Sea . You get more of what you pay for when you dine at the Chez Manu located on a hill just a mile from Ushuaia, the center of Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina.

Chez Manu’ menu is dominated by the gifts of the waters like salmon, herring, or black hake given the French twist by the restaurant’s chef. Aside from the fish dishes, they also have king crabs, Fuegian rabbit, and Patagonian lamb. The tab after a good meal here at Chez Manu will really not hurt your bank account.

Ithaa in Maldives

How about enjoying a line of good food while inside a tunnel sixteen feet below the waters of the Indian Ocean? It is like enjoying three dimensional theater only that the creatures that you will sea are real. The diner can accommodate twelve people at a time who can enjoy the sea scape of parrot fish, stingrays, other sea creatures, and unspoiled corals while eating caviar, lobster, or reef fish. They also serve excellent seared tenderloin and mushroom soup in case you do not feel like picking from the seafood menu.

The 4-course lunch can be considered a splurge but it will not be more than expensive than a one day scuba training that you might have in mind. If you think it is too pricey for your wallet, Ithaa also serves daily cocktail (which is cheaper but also a bit on the splurge side of $55 a person). A six course dinner goes for $320. If you want to experience dining under the sea, you need to call Ithaa two weeks ahead.

Kuklos in Switzerland

Kuklos is a futuristic restaurant situated on the Bernese Alps giving diners a picturesque views of the Matterhorn, Lake Geneva, and the Mont Blanc. The restaurant is glass walled and the second floor rotates 360 degrees every ninety minutes. So with the good flavors also come a good mix of sceneries framed by the glass walls of Kuklos.

The restaurant serves traditional dishes with a twist plus the ambiance is pretty relaxed as you can come in your casual attire. Most of the patrons are actually mountaineers and skiers who can pretty much tell you about the view you are enjoying if it is your first time in Switzerland.

To get to Kuklos, you need to take a cable car from Leysin all the way to the top of the mountain. You can avail of the panorama gourmand which covers the gondola fare and a three course meal for two for less than $200.

Julaymba Restaurant in Queensland, Australia

This restaurant mixes great flavours with the jungle paradise setting in the oldest rain forest of the planet. Julaymba is the restaurant at the Daintree EcoLodge and Spa located in Queensland, Australia. The restaurant can seat 40 guests and is ideally located near a lagoon while vines curtain the canopy. While enjoying your meal, you will be serenaded by the natural sounds of nature coming from wild turkeys, hundreds of species of birds, wallabies stomping on the ground, and tree frogs.

Aside from the immersion with mother nature, the menu at Julaymba makes use of ingredients like wattle seeds, pepper berries, and other native produce that are also used by the local aboriginal tribe called Kuku Yalanji.

Enjoy the local menu and order a kangaroo steak or a smoked crocodile. Another great deal will be the fish and chis using the freshest catch of the day.

Boucan Restaurant in St. Lucia

This restaurant in the West Indies serves everything with a touch of cocoa. Chocolate lovers will enjoy their salad with a dressing of white chocolate, prawns with tapenade made from chocolate, and a long list of desserts from chocolate-espresso mouse, crème brulee, to chocolate tart.

The restaurant is very young and it opened in February 2011 together with the Hotel Chocolat amid the oldest plantation of cocoa in St. Lucia dating back to 1745.

The food will be heavenly add to that the view of the twin mountains called Piton Mountains which is about 2,600 feet from the sea level.

Le Deli-Cieux in Paris

Enjoy the panorama of the city of lights from the roof restaurant of the Printemps store in Paris. The food is simple and the view is magical. You can order some soup, quiche, cheese, and choose from an array of sandwiches plus affordable wine or a bottle of beer while enjoying a full circle view of the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, and the Arc de Triomphe.

Alma in New York

Alma is a three level restaurant in Brooklyn which have been serving great food and providing a sweet spot for those who want to see the Manhattan skyline since 2002. The rooftop also allows patrons to see the Statue of Liberty.

You need to come to Alma early as there are no reservations for the rooftop garden during the summer and winter. The main dining hall on the second floor does not give you the view you are paying for. They serve flavorful Mexican food but it will be best to come for lunch when the menu is also more affordable compared to their dinner options.

Bosco Bar in Russia

Another dining destination with very sweet spot is Bosco Bar situated atop the high end GUM department store in the heart of the famous destination in Russia, the Red Square. Your tummy will be happy, your eyes will smile, and your wallet will not cry when you dine at the Bosco bar. The shopping center might be among the favorite retail therapy destination of the rich and famous in Russia, the Bosco Bar offers reasonable prices aside from the great sideline.

After window shoppinng some Armani, Hermes, or Cartier, you can hang out at this ’70s inspired bar from which you can see the Kremline, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the mausoleum of Lenin.

The menu at Bosco Bar is a good blend of the new and the old so you can expect favorites like borscht, beef Stroganoff, and inventive salads mixing foie gras, beets, and quail or arugula with potato and salmon.

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