Travel tips: Packing for a Road Trip
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Travel tips: Packing for a Road Trip

You are spared from airport security checks and baggage fees during a road trip but undeniably, it still needs a good amount of planning to make sure your journey will be hassle free. The number one consideration is what you need to pack. A lighter trunk is a lot friendlier to the gas tank.

Here are some packing tips which maybe useful if you are going on a road trip:

Maximize the trunk space

If you are going on a road trip as much as possible avoid using structured suitcases to pack your things as they take up a good amount of space in the vehicle’s trunk. Use smaller bags like backpacks or duffel bags which have soft sides and can easily be squeezed in with the rest of your things.

If you booked a hotel room for an overnight stop then you can have a a small bag with stuff you will be needing for that night like some extra clothes, toiletries, pajamas, or any medications. If you will have kids traveling with you, it might be a good reason to use a wheelie bag and have their clothes in one place. In case you will be leaving some bags in the car overnight, make sure you parked the car in a safe place. Bring your valuables with you if you are staying overnight in a hotel.

Have the things you will be using at your final destination in a separate bag. Assign one bag per person if possible and also have some room for items that you need inside the vehicle while en route to your travel destination.

Comfortable clothes

Since you will be spending hours on the road, it will be best to wear your most comfortable clothes. Make sure you wear clothes that have breathable and soft fabric. You might want to avoid wearing jeans since its a bit heavy and might take time to dry in case you spill something on it. Also veer away from clothes that are light colored which may easily show dirt or stains.

Simple and unfussy outfits are perfect for a road trip. Women can wear dresses or leggings with tunics. Guys can go for trousers and t-shirt. If you really cannot avoid wearing jeans, go for a dark toned lighter pair of denim.

You also need to be ready for any changes in weather. Dress in layers to be safe but skip the bulky items but you can have a windbreaker handy just in case.

Wear a pair of shoes that fits well

Like your consideration for your clothes, you must have on top of your list comfort when choosing a footwear especially if you are the designated driver for the road trip. Wear something that is very comfortable yet will not fall easily from your feet. Go for sneakers, sandals, or loafers. You also have to take into consideration people with medical conditions and how their legs and ankles might swell up when they seat for long hours. Make sure that their shoes will not impede the circulation of blood or schedule some stopovers so they can move about their ankles.

Emergency Kit

As much as we want to think that the trip will be hassle free, we need to be prepared in case something goes wrong. You should also prepare an emergency kit that should include a flashlight, jumper cables, gloves, traction mats, and additional clothes. Make sure you also have a first aid kit.

Have a cooler for drinks and food

Make space for a good cooler in your vehicles trunk and fill this up with easy to open drinks and snacks. If you are on the healthier side, you can peel some fruits or mix some nuts and place them in zip lock bags. You can also bring granola bars, pop corn, or sandwiches (do not put too much mustard or mayo).

Get enough bottled water for everyone. It is safer to stick with clear liquids so it will also not be a big trouble in case it gets spilled on someone or while in the vehicle. If you do not want to spend on bottled water, you can bring spill proof, refillable bottles.

You can have a smaller soft-sided storage inside the car which you can stock and re-stock along the way with food and drinks.

GPS unit

You might benefit a lot if you have a GPS unit in your vehicle especially if you are heading to some unfamiliar territory. The GPS units today can help you with directions, avoid traffics, and find better routes to save on fuel.

If you are taking a rental vehicle, you might want to go for a unit which has a GPS unit. Remember thought that you must not rely purely on the gadget as like any other technology, this may malfunction. Make sure you have researched and planned your route in advance in case the GPS unit fails.

You can also load up your smart phone with useful apps for the trip which may help your trip go smoothly. You can find a lot of apps which can help you find great stopover points or simply load it up with games for the kids joining the trip.

Keeping it neat and clean

Bring moistened wipes, some paper towels, and grocery bags which you can use for trash. Have these items inside the vehicle and store some extra in the trunk. You might also want to put a laundry hamper or a crate in the trunk where you can put dirty clothes or maybe organize stuff like toys or other gears.

Car chargers and extra batteries

Aside from your usual wall chargers for your phone and other gadgets, it will be very practical to bring a car charger or extra batteries. You can get a universal charger that you can use in the car which can be used for almost all gadgets.

You might also want to bring a connector which can connect your MP3 player or iPod to your car audio system so you can access your favorite music.

You can place the connectors, charges, or extra batteries in your glove compartment or you can place them in a small pouch.

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