Top 6 Spas in Europe for 2010
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Top 6 Spas in Europe for 2010

If your idea of having the perfect getaway is touring the best spas all over Europe, you’re not alone. But how can you visit all of them with so little time? Europe is practically crawling with the excellent spas these days. But because we want you to have the most relaxing spa get away ever, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of all the best ones.

Augustine Spa in Prague

The Augustine Spa in Prague, Czech Republic, is a four-room spa and salon which takes residence in the Augustine monastery. While it’s tucked in the Gothic pillars of the building, it’s also an exceptional first-class spa redesigned by the master hotelier of U.K Rocco Forte.

The spa itself is a bit minimalist, sporting whitewashed walls, arched ceilings which are about a century old, and architecture that generally emanates the old world. The Augustine Spa draws a fine clientele of nobles from Central Europe, Hollywood celebrities, and even local moguls of real estate.

The spa’s best treatment is the 90-minute beer-based body rub. Have this with a full body massage and you’ll be rubbing all of your stress away. Other treatments include natural products made from Ila and Anika. The Augustine Spa’s director Dita Coufalova can also surprise you. Despite her diminutive size, she has the strongest pair of hands in Bohemia.

Aman Spa in Connaught, England

Undeniably the best spa in London, England, you should not miss out on the Aman Spa at the Connaught. The spa has a total of five treatment rooms (one designed for couples), a gym, a pool with seductive dark tiles, and minimalist architecture by Jaya Patromo Ibrahim.

Combining the styling principles of Asia and England, Ibrahim used dove-gray Portland stones and pale, honey-tinged oak for the interior. The effect: a very spacious spa which is both luxurious and relaxing. If this isn’t zen enough for you, we don’t know what is.

The spa draws a classy, understated clientele, especially on weekends. We recommend their one-hour full body massage which includes a heavenly foot massage, submerged crystal treatment, and a head massage you won’t have anywhere else.

The only downside here is that the pool can’t be accessed by spa customers unless you’re also a guest at the hotel. You can also use the pool if you pay the annual spa membership fee.

La Reserve Ramatuelle Spa in France

If you just happen to be taking your vacation in France, you should definitely give the La Reserve Ramatuelle Spa a try. The spa has a gorgeous destination, taking residence at the St. Tropez, a chic hotel which has a 360 view of the Mediterranean. Enjoy their Crème de la Mer treatments, and special six-day nutrition and beauty programs which will surely leave you feeling years younger.

The spa’s architecture can be describes as sleek. It basically looks like a 21st century temple with water and white stone floors. The La reserve has rooms for light treatment, a gym, a steam bath, and an indoor/outdoor pool that’s absolutely divine.

The clientele of La Reserve ranges from beautiful Parisian locals, to British and American socialites who are passing by the city. The best treatment of this spa is their 50-minute massage which induces both muscle melting and its complete restoration. For the best spa experience, we recommend that you book for an entire weekend and sleep in the sun by the poolside in between your treatments.

Castel Monastero in Siena, Italy

Tucked right at the estate of the Tuscan resort is a mini-spa which can give you world-class body treatments and facials. The Castel Monastero mini-spa uses products by Dr. Murad, and offers massages which can get rid of your cellulites in no time. While the mini-spa’s study is small and its locker rooms look more like urban gyms than spa locker room, its treatment rooms are pretty spacious. You can also enjoy attractive outdoor pools right beside it.

The clientele here consists of London foodies and Florentine matrons, all detoxifying after a night;s indulgence at the hotel’s Gordon Ramsey restaurant. The best treatment of the spa is its Draining Massage which reduces the body’s swelling and water retention (easy to get if you’ve been living off Italian diet). This is definitely a needed tonic after your weekend of eating pasta and Brunello.

The only downside here is the spa’s size. It can feel pretty crowded especially during the hotel’s peak seasons. Espa Riga, Latvia

Located right in the historical center of Riga sits the Espa, which is a six-floor modern sauna and steam oasis. Don’t let the Art Nouveau exterior fool you. The place isn’t a gallery but a spa specializing in the best of Ayurvedic and Chinese treatments.

When you enter the spa, you’ll be welcomes by a soothing blend of amber, burgundy, and cream interiors. The spa also has comfortable steam baths, relaxing man-made waterfalls, and an outdoor pool. The clientele of the Espa is an impressive spread of Latvian businessmen, pop singers, and Scandinavian tourists.

If you want the best treatments of the house, you should definitely try out the Amber Baltic sea stones which their skilled therapists will place along your spine. This is only available in the spa’s signature treatment.

Don’t forget to go to the 26th floor of the spa for a drink at the Sky Line Bar. You can also enjoy impressive views of Riga’s medieval town if you book a room at the hotel next to the spa, the Reval Hotel Latvija.

Spa Dominique Chenot at Barkhiva

Whether you’re in Moscow for business or pleasure, it’s an absolute no-no to miss out on the Spa Dominique Chenot at the Barhiva Hotel. The spa is a huge 21,500 sq. ft. which brings Chenot’s Chinese influences to a wide Russian audience. The building is rich but minimalist, made from dark wood, man-made steams and stone tiles. The clientele here include housewives of Russia’s big shots as well as the local jester Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

If you want the best from this spa, you should go for their 75-minute hydro-energy treatments. These include hydromassages, mud wraps, as well as Henri Chenot lotions. After the treatment, you can take a relaxing and cellulite-busting Charcot shower. Take note though that before you can sign up for longer treatments, you will have to consult with their resident doctor and undergo a bio-energy test.

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