Punta del Este vacations
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Punta del Este vacations

Punta del Este is out of the touristic season a small town with 10 000 inhabitants in the south american country of Uruguay. But in summer, which just started in Uruguay, its population reaches an incredible                1 000 000!

Punta del Este is not cheap, even on the contrary! It is an exquisite resort for south american elites coming from Argentina, Brazil, Chile etc. The cabs are expensive, and so do the luxury hotels and restaurants in Punta. Nevertheless, you can find some budget alternatives. My tip: rent a car, it is convenient for the long distances in Punta del Este, and public transportation is not to find. Do not forget in the morning to pick up some hitchhikers coming out from the clubs (Punta is very safe, don’t worry!). The parties are starting after mid night and are held up to sunrise. The only ways to stay on a budget are the Hotel Shelton and the Hostel 1949. About bars,clubs and restaurants I will not mention any names, as they change every year and the fashion pubs appear and disapear over night.

In Punta del Este there is a rich vegetation consisting on pines, eucalypts and bushes, reminding on Australia. In Punta del Este there are two type of beaches : one has smooth waves and is not so big, being oriented on Rio de la Plata(Costa Mansa), and the other one is ocean oriented with strong waves and good posibilities for  nautical sports(Costa Brava). On Costa Brava you can find La Bara nautical resort, Montoya beach, Bikini beach( here come the celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Giselle Bundchen).

You can reach Punta del Este from Montevideo(140 km) by regular buses, or from Buenos Aires by ferry(3 hours). Note please the old town with its colonial architecture, fancy boutiques and wide avenidas. And remember the golden rule: pay cash, get instant discounts.

Be sure not to miss in Punta del Este El Museo del Mar( the sea museum) and the impressive Casa Pueblo build by a notorious Uruguay artist within 36 years. Also visiting the lighthouse and climbing up, you have a strong sensation and a magnificent view of the entire peninsula. The lighthouse is 150 years old and was build with Venice stone, which is harder than concrete. It lasted in the best state up today.

The gastronomic special in Punta del Este is  chivitos (steak sandwiches with many ingredients). You can eat tasty and cheap chivitos at Fred Restaurant gourmet.

Go in Punta del Este now, booking urgently, or  wait other three months to get substantial discounts. You will like: Top 12 Hottest Beach Parties Montevideo carnival Unexpected Charm in Uruguay Best Beach Vacations Best Surfing Destinations

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