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How to book a travel for your teenager

Despite your travels, supposing you had the time and the will to bring children on the world and to grow them up.

Supposing further your child is not a kid anymore and must book a Travel. How do you make this decision?

First of all, do not try to organize everything by your side, despite your long experience in this field! Try to respect also his/her wishes, otherwise he will be not enthusiastic as should be. Think for example, on what he could learn in this vacation-e.g. English in Great Britain, first help on emergencies etc. Do not forget to ask how you could contact he/she.

The trip should not be longer than 10 days. They really want to have fun-parties and so on, but themselves are also very willingly to learn something during the trip.  They will go where you go usually on vacations, need some comfort and all-inclusive service.

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