Tourist Attractions in Brussels
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Tourist Attractions in Brussels, Capital of European

It is maybe unbelievable how a little town with officially no more than 150000 inhabitants became the capital of Europe! Before London, Paris, Berlin. One explanation is the crowding of those megacities. The European institutions need more free space and free air to progress. Another explanations: the infrastructure is amazing good and functional. By car, bus or train you can reach within 2 hours any of the above mentioned megacities.

Brussels is simultaneously an old and modern city. It has many traces of its long history and a tremendous downtown. In the Grand Place, the very heart of Brussels, you will not find an ugly building.

Brussels is not cheap with all these European parliamentary and functionaries. More than the half of the city work for the European Union. After a few years, be the end of their mission, they sell cheap luxury cars, maybe this is the best business you can do in Brussels .

Brussels means 2000 restaurants waiting for the tourists, much more than the European range for a city like this. Means also chocolate, goffers, and many sorts of beer, special developed since centuries in the monasteries.

Brussels is also, I could say, an African capital. 50 years ago Belgium ruled an African empire 80 times bigger than Belgium itself ! You can find today many Africans, and many shops with African clothes and gadgets.

But Brussels is also a modern city, with modern buildings and skyscrapers-noblesse oblige.

Discover Brussels, the most cosmopolite European city, it is to be an event. Make it during weekends when all the eurocrats are not in the city! And don’t forget to tell me your impressions about it.

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