Why do we travel
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Why do we travel?

In this blog I’ll cover Why do we travel:  It must be something special pushing some of us to travel adiction! For the non travelers, must be neither understandable, nor explainable. They stay home, go to job, day in , day out. Until the week end come, and they travel too, or until the vacation come, and thei wish to travel, but some of them have some fears, due to lack of exercise!

There are many reasons for traveling, and I will try to list below some of them:

1.Travel for understanding other cultures, people and languages.

2.Travel  for seeing and smelling notorious places(e.g. battlefields, mount peaks,towns and cities).

3.Travel for relaxing on week-end and vacations.

4.Business travel.

5. Health travel, for fighting diseases.

6.Travel for wasting time.

7. Travel for bon ton.

8. Travel for surprising your family or to stay with them

9.Travel to stay fit, mentally and physically.

10.Travel for forget something and trying to regain yourself

11. Travel for learning.

12. Travel for hard sensations(e.g. bunjee jumping, diving etc)

13. Travel from addiction.

14. Travel to going beyond your limits.

We do not travel usuually on a single of these reasons! Tell me please why do you travel?

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