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Did you know the New ways of tourism?

You must be a modern traveler of our times. Things change indeed, and that hits also our way to New ways of making tourism.

I can tell you something about new ways of making tourism, which make any travel more attractive and tailored to the customer:

1. Grief tourism. The places where a massacre took place exert against us a strong attraction. But it is outrageous for some places becoming very well known only after a crazy men(maybe the only one of that places) killed one or more of his friends or neighbors! I think, visiting a place like this, you hope to discover the motive of the murder. Visiting Auschwitz means also grief tourism? I think yes, what is your opinion?

2. Poor tourism( also named poorism). Very popular in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, India-special in Mumbay (where a million people live on the half of the surface of Hyde Park from N.Y.!), and South Africa (Soweto is the most dangerous part of world, after the war zones). You can simply step on rats, try to understand the local color, habits, without repulsion or disapproval for the human beings living there who strive make their lives better. On these tours you may never go in groups larger than 5 persons and only with a guide with knowledge on local behavior. Most of them and of their travel agencies spend their fees and tips for the development of these areas.

3. Disaster tourism. Very funny indeed, there are fans of this kind of travels. After a disaster, they strive to get a ticket to the affected area, and in most cases they do worse, becoming themselves problems for the local authorities! In my opinion, under those circumstances, only members of international help organizations are allowed to fly there, and not the typical tourist with the camera on the neck! He can come a few time after (not less than 6 months). The most recent examples are the Kobe earthquake, the Asia tsunami and Katrina! This tourism has something in common with grief tourism, being nevertheless quite different- disasters are natural caused, and are visible to larger scale!

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