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Discover Britain

In very few countries is the sense of history so deep and the past so steeped in rich tradition as in Britain. Here you will discover magnificent castles, convivial pubs and centuries-old churches, the pomp and the pageantry of the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and the stunning splendor of Westminster Abbey. Besides this the theatres, concert halls and fine restaurants will fill your nights with a rich fare of opera, plays, concerts, films and elegant dining.

The climate of Britain is notoriously unpredictable. In summer temperatures can be as high as 30 deg C, falling to 5 deg C and below in winter. Although more prevalent in winter, rain can be expected even in summer, so a folding umbrella is often a useful asset.

London probably has more hotels per square kilometer than any city in the world. Their size and standard vary enormously and so offer a wide choice to suit every pocket. Most good hotels have their own restaurants, bar, shops and hairdressers.

London is one of the world’s finest shopping centers, with huge department stores, boutiques and market stalls. Oxford Street, Bond Street, Regent Street, Kings Road and Kensington High Street are well worth a visit. They offer a wildly varied range of boutiques selling the latest fashions.

Taxis are a convenient form of transport around London. The underground railway system or the tube as it is more probably called is the quickest means of getting about London and avoiding traffic congestion. Buses also offer an enjoyable way of getting to see and know your way round London. London’s main airport is Heathrow; the airport is linked with the rest of London by an extension of the Underground rail system.

Down practically every street, round every corner history stares at you in the face in London. Among the most famous buildings you should see are Buckingham palace. Westminster Abbey, ST. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. London’s many and varied museums include the Natural History Museum and the science museum in South Kensington. The city also has many pleasant, wide open spaces such as the Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, St. James Park and Green Park.

London must be one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities as far as restaurants are concerned. Here you can savor food from all over the world. Areas noted for a fascinating choice of restaurants are Soho, Mayfair, Hampstead, Chelsea and Fulham Road.

Manchester ,a thriving city, is the gateway to the north of England. If you like museums and art galleries you will find several here to enjoy: The City Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, The great Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and Whitworth Art Gallery.

Historic buildings abound and are well worth a visit: Barton Arcade, with its Victorian charm; Free Trade Hall, home of the world famous Halle Orchestra; Liverpool Road Railway station one of the oldest in the world; and the Town Hall built in the style of the Gothic style.

A good selection of guided walking tours are available. In addition, here are canal cruises and coach tours too.

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