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4 Best Shopping Malls to Visit

People travel for many reasons: to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, to visit friends and loved ones across the globe, and even to taste the most delicious morsels a French chef can offer. So, it is not a surprise that a select group of people can afford the luxury to travel in order to shop at the most exclusive shopping malls in the world. If you are most fortunate enough to indulge in shopping excursions across the globe, then this list featuring the best shopping malls to visit will definitely benefit you!

1. Ala Moana Shopping Center, Hawaii Deemed the largest open air shopping mall in the world, the Ala Moana Shopping Center has virtually everything you need under the sun, quite literally! From electric bikes to velvet curtains and silk nightgowns for the missus, you can find almost everything in your shopping list. But the satisfaction of crossing out stuff in your list is not the only feeling you’ll love; in fact, window shoppers revel in the Hawaiian ambiance and people watchers can sit in the square while basking in the atmosphere and the live band performing every weekend. Those with a penchant for brand names such as Jimmy Choo and Burberry will also take pleasure in the array of stores at the shopping mall. If you can’t afford them, worry not – the scenic koi pond situated at the western section of the area will have you relaxing, zen style, in no time.

2. GUM, Moscow Question: When is a shopping mall not a shopping mall? When it’s GUM, of course! GUM, the acronym for Glavnvj Uniwersalny Magasin, is located in Moscow, Russia and does not look like your run of the mill shopping center! It is an architectural icon, revered the world over – the symbol of the new Russia. Be thrilled with its exterior lights on the outside and be amazed with the brand name flagship stores on the inside – brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel offer many a great array of items that will sure to delight the fashionista in you.

3. Mall of America, Minnesota Here at the Mall of America, you can literally shop till you drop! 40 million shoppers have stepped through its doors each year and the amount is rising in an exponential rate. The gargantuan structure houses 520 stores, and counting, and even has a Nickelodeon theme park complete with Spongebob Squarepants and the works! Did you also know that the employees for this mall total up to 12,000? This mall can literally make or break the city’s employment scene! Much loved for being a one-stop shopping mall, the Mall of America even lets people tie the knot at Chapel of Love or get the degrees they always wanted at the Mall of America Campus of the National American University. Lego fans will LOVE the Lego Imagination Center while the children will love to feast their eyes on the aquatic dwellers in the Underwater Adventures Aquarium.

4. Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Think Dubai is just a country filled with oil sheikhs? Well, you’re partly right but these oil sheikhs sure love to shop! After all, it takes a shoppaholic to really know how to create an ideal shopping mall that has it all, and the Mall of the Emirates fits the bill just right! Here you can shop at the 500-odd stores, have your meal at one of the 70 restaurants and ski, YES SKI, at the indoor ski center, Ski Dubai. Suddenly Dubai does not seem so hot and sweltering after all! If winter sports isn’t your thing, you can indulge in luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, D&G as well as Hermes.

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