10 things to avoid in Barcelona
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10 things to avoid in Barcelona

If you plan to visit Barcelona, keep in mind the following dont’s. If you already visited Barcelona, maybe can you confirm all these things. And if you visited Barcelona, but were not aware of these things to avoid, keep them in mind for your next trip to Barca!

1.Dangerous places: avoid empty streets, and also the streets from the old city. Avoid particularly Barri Gotic and El Raval, where the thiefs operate in gangs. The peak hours for pocket thieves are 21-24 when most of the locals eat, and the streets are crowded with tourists, and also at dawn(3-6) when the target is drunken.

2.Boutiques for leather accesoires from La Rambla. The leather is not the best, and the prices are shameless.

3.Gambling in La Rambla. You might think, that your chances to win are high. But keep in mind that almost all surrounding people are together. Avoid also the gitanes who try selling you flowers, while they research your pockets.

4.Expensive restaurants. The touristic terrace restaurants from La Rambla are unimaginably expensive. They give you paella or tapas at astronomic prices. Two blocks further you can find better cheaper food.

5. Crowded places. Avoid agitation and nonending queues from the main touristic attractions by visiting them at the first hour, when they open, or one hour before they close. Avoid overcrowded beaches, going there in the afternoon of working days.

6.Exchange offices from La Rambla, Placa de Catalunia, and other major tourist attractions offer the worst rates.

7. Try not to look like a tourist. Do not wear at sight jewelry, do not keep at sight cameras or big valuable banknotes!

8.Trafic jams. In order to avoid jams, drive in the late morning (10-13) or the late afternoon(17-19). The lunchtime is usually between 14-16, which is basically to avoid.

9.August. During August, many locals do their vacations away from Barcelona. Many pubs are not opened, and there are unbearable many tourists. Inform you before going in august if your targets in Barcelona are opened to the public.

10. Visiting museums on Monday. Most of the important museums, including Picasso Museum and MNAC, are closed on Monday. Double-check if you plan to visit something on Monday.

You know what to avoid now, in order to have a nice smooth travel to Barcelona. I wish to enjoy it!

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