How to have an adventure trip in Mallorca
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How to have an adventure trip in Mallorca

I think all of you know, or have heard about Mallorca, this spanish mediteranean island. It means beaches, parties, night life. But if you want to know how to have an adventure trip in Mallorca, then allow me to tell you something about visiting El Torrente de Pareis in Tramontana Mountains. This is a trip in the mountains, lasts a few hours, and you have to take the following precautions:

  • do it only on good weather. During rain, there is life danger, because you are constantly descending under sea level (1000 meters)
  • take enough drinking water and food, do not drink alcohol
  • take appropriate mountain equipment
  • do not go alone, unless you are an experienced mountainer. In your group must be one, for sure.
  • you must be in the best shape
  • do not take with you unnecessary things, making your backsack too heavy and unbearable to cary
  • watch your step, avoid injures

Following all these advices, you will have surely a nice pleasant trip in Torrente de Pareis!

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