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5 Best Beach Resorts In Mexico

Mexico is full of culture, delicious foods, and beautiful beaches. Some of the more famous locations aren’t the best, but still impress with their wonderful spa treatments and fashion. Here is the list of the top 5 beach resorts in Mexico!

The Caminoa Real Las Hadas is one of the top beach resorts. It’s luxury hotel rooms leads the way to charm and romance. This isn’t your average overpopulated resort hotel, in fact, it is one of the little known treasures in Mexico. The beach here is stunning and tropical, making it one of the most perfect locations for a summer retreat.

The Fiesta Americana luxury resort is surprisingly affordable, yet luxurious. This resort is a 5 diamond resort, as stated by AAA. This resort has numerous activities for visitors to partake in, not even including the nearby adventures to be had outside of the resort. If you stay at the Fiesta Americana, you can expect nothing but the absolute best in traveling and luxury resorts. This resort is non-stop fun for families, couples, and singles looking to explore the very best in Cancun. This resort doesn’t even require you to leave the safety of it’s walls. You could easily spend your entire vacation here.

The Fairmont Acapulco Princess is one of the top luxury resorts in Acapulco. This grand resort has a stunning view of the beaches and mountains nearby. Despite all of the amenities and lush surroundings, the rooms are designed to be intimate and luxurious. They are cozy and comfortable without being overbearing or too crowded. This mega-resort is the perfect place to spend your vacation.

The Westin Regina Puerto Vallarta is a newer resort but it doesn’t fail to stun. This resort is a one of a kind, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and adobe styled buildings. This resort is packed with plenty of activities, located in the wonderful Puerto Vallarta. There are numerous options for water sports, lounging, eating, and dancing the night away.

If you have a taste for fine Mexican cuisine and Mediterranean style, mixed with French themes, then you will adore the Le Meridien Resort & Spa. This exquisite resort is located in Cancun and offers plenty of pools, food, golf, and beautiful beaches. Everything you could hope for is available here, and you will not be disappointed! The design alone is stunning and breathtaking, and you will surely enjoy the opportunity to wake up every morning to the décor that surrounds you.

Mexico offers plenty of resorts for those that don’t have an issue with money. Most of them are all-inclusive and offer numerous budget friendly options. Some are more intimate and designed for couples, and others are kid and family friendly. The best thing to do when visiting one of these resorts is to ask people you know for reviews. While all are lovely in their own way, each one certainly has something different for different people.

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