Hot Summer in Anchorage, Alaska
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How to Escape Hot Summer in Anchorage, Alaska

The hot summer is coming, it can be felt already. Nothing to do again about global warming(excepted travel green, bike to the job, think environmentally friendly). If you‘ll find in a good summer day the climate unbearable, then Anchorage in Alaska is the right place for you.

Anchorage, Alaska is located slightly farther to the north than OsloHelsinki, and Saint Petersburg. It is surrounded by mountains (Chugach Mountains) and enjoys a subarctic climate.

The city is unbelievably young, its build started in 1914 as the end of the Alaska railway. Buildings from the 50′s are already historic.

I was very surprised in Anchorage about the length of the day, due to its nordic latitude. Also surprising for the tourists and new residents is the short daytime in winter.

Anchorage is still not very big (260 000 inhabitants), but is wonderful! You can visit it even on your honeymoon, you will not regret it. It is also known as the city of light and flowers.

How to Escape Hot Summer in Anchorage, Alaska

In the city neighborhood, more significant than everything else is the abundant wildlife. 250 black bears, 60 grizzlies can be seen very near, some of them even in the city. There are also 250 moose in summer, which are almost 1000 in winter. If you drive in Anchorage, you must be very careful: 100 moose fall victims yearly to the road traffic. Some moose become aggressive and must be destroyed by the authorities.

As a tourist, you will be spoiled in Anchorage! You can find luxury at slow prices, finding also excellent continental food. Nightlife is interesting, especially to the Rumrunners Old Town Bar & Grill, which I visited regularly!

Anchorage was nominated four times as All American city, which means something! It is waiting for you with a plethora of outdoor activities: nordic & Alpin skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking.

There are all the reasons to travel to Anchorage, believe me! And hurry up to book your travel.

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