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Top 10 Cities to Visit

We came up with a short list of the best cities to visit in 2022.


It is the city which really deserves the East meets West adage. Boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, and trendy clubs have been mushrooming in this beautiful city through the years. Visiting Istanbul provides a perfect mix of fun, culture, and history. By 2010, the city will be formally recognized as a Capital of Culture in Europe.


It is a gem in the west coast of the North American continent and tagged as one of the best cities to live in. The cultural scene is very colorful with hotels and restaurants being able to accommodate the flock of tourists falling in love with the city. Vancouver forms an excellent picture of modern skyscrapers with the coastal mountains as backdrop.

Vancouver will be hosting the Winter Olympics in 2010. The organizers are pushing to promote green transport system for the participating athletes, green homes, and a good program to educate the public about sustainable green living.


Come May 2010, the whole world will know Nottingham, particularly its rusting East Midlands, as the location for the newer film release of Robin Hood. The city also boasts of a new architectural wonder in the form of the Nottingham contemporary which is the new project of the award winning architects of Caruso St. John. This new building will also play host to a series of art exhibits and projects in its four major galleries.


A lot of things are happening in Delhi as it prepares to host the 201 Commonwealth Games. The Connaught Place which is the buzzing business district of the colonial center has been facelifted. The transport system and the important landmarks are being spruced up in preparation for next year’s big event. Delhi though will remain to be a place of great contrasts where luxury cars run side by side with bullock carts.


Known as the old capital of Japan, the city of Nara will be celebrating its 1300th anniversary in 2010. The city will come to life with significant cultural events like exhibitions of different national treasures and hosting of an International Film Festival. The ancient city which is very beautiful with its old buildings, temples, parks, and wooded hills is a perfect symbol of tranquility.

Oslo The capital of Norway is one of the few cities in the world where you can enjoy the water during summer and in the same boundaries have fun skiing during winters. The charm of the Scandinavian life is there but the outdoor culture of Oslo makes travelers fall in love with the place. New flights will be coming in to the city and the prices are expected to become more affordable. Oslo will host the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.


In the 1940s, amid the outlaw of communism, Valparaiso served as the hiding place for the great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of Salvador Allende, the first democratically elected head of state. Valparaiso offers a unique South American feel. Colorful houses line the hills which will guide you down to the bay. There are also old elevators which can take you atop the steep slopes of the city.

Tel Aviv

The nightlife scene in Tel Aviv is gaining some spotlight as it is starting to be tagged as the New York of the East. The new flights and party places being launched by 2010 will further boost its credentials. Aside from the new clubs, the beach near the city is also very inviting.


From June 2010, there will be more flights of Iceland Express flying in from New York and it might well be a very good time to visit the capital of Iceland. Icelandair will also be improving its services from Manchester and Glasgow. Reykjavik speaks of its own charm and revelry through its glaciers, sea, and lagoons.


A new bike sharing scheme, the biggest one in the United States, will be launched in the spring of 2010. The city can be explored by renting one of the 2500 bikes across the city with just a swipe of your credit card. You might also want to check out the locations used by the Hollywood films Edge of Darkness and The Town which are due for release by next year.

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