Memorable wedding ceremony ideas
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10 original ideas for your wedding

Memorable wedding ceremony ideas: These days people are getting married much later in life and this means that they have their own money to spend on the big day, instead of relying on their parents to pay for everything. The main benefit of this is that if you are paying, you can call the shots, and this has led to a surge in the popularity of unusual and original weddings, in fact a traditional white wedding is considered rather dull!

The easiest way to plan an exciting and original wedding is to go to totally new and exotic destinations, and with all the wedding package deals available from tour operators it can actually work out to be much cheaper than a traditional church service and reception.

Memorable wedding ceremony ideas

1. Tropical Hawaiian Beach Wedding – you can’t get more exotic than the pure white beaches and crystal clear blue waters of Hawaii, and on the island of Oahu you can married right on the sand, with the sound of the crashing waves in the background. Afterwards a traditional Hawaiian luau party with plenty of rum punch will finish the idyllic day off a treat.

2. Rainforest Wedding – in Australia there are some great wedding packages that take advantage of the

lush tropical forests in Cairns, which includes music, flowers, champagne and even the witness!

3. Temple Wedding – you can hire out some amazing temple sites for weddings in Greece, such as the ancient ‘Temple of Poseidon‘ in Greater Athens, which is near a number of top hotels which run competitive wedding packages from the site.

4. Mountain Wedding – you can get married in the glamorous snowy French Alps, or for something even more exotic then you can have your ceremony in the mountain top chapel at Drakensberg Mountain in South Africa, which can be followed by a traditional African wedding feast known as a karamu.

5. Ice WeddingLapland is a famous Christmas destination, but here you can also have a truly white wedding at any time of the year, with the thrill of being driven to the ceremony in decorated snow mobiles or even husky led sleds.

6. Jazz WeddingNew Orleans has suffered in recent years, but it is still a wonderful place for a vibrant, exciting wedding, with traditional Cajun wedding feasts and even that famous jazz band wedding procession.

7. Diving Wedding – there are lots of different wedding packages where you can get married underwater, either from a private boat or near the shore. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a beautiful spot for this type of wedding, and the bride and groom exchange their vows underwater with special hand signs, before the ceremony is completed back on the boat/shore.

8. Safari Wedding – if you love wild landscapes then you can take a safari wedding in places like South Africa, Madagascar and Zambia, and there are plenty of complete wedding packages available for most major tour operators.

9. Metropolis Weddings – Major cities such as New York, London and Milan are bustling, exciting places and you can book a whole range of wedding packages at these destinations, from large church ceremonies through to penthouse weddings.

10. In flight weddings – although the main ceremony will need to take place on the ground, if you are mad about flying then you can hire out a small private plane to exchange your vows on or get a wedding blessing, and depending on your budget you can choose from a range of modern luxury private jets, historic biplanes or even helicopters.

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