The Top 5 Destinations this Fall
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The Top 5 Destinations this Fall

Are you wondering what you should do come autumn? This season is the best time to travel if you’re into ochre tones. The most interesting photographs are made in fall, thanks to the vibrant sepia the environment just seems to take on. Whether you’re a photographer or not, though you’ll surely enjoy the season when you follow our list of prime fall destinations. They’re also affordable, so you won’t have to worry about money. It isn’t too early to prepare for a great fall holiday.

British Columbia

You’re not the only big fans of British Columbia this fall. Prepare to kayak with the Killer Whales when you go on this trip. Go ahead and relive your best Free Willy memories. The body of water you’re looking for is the Johnstone Strait. This is actually cut by glaciers and sandwiched between Vancouver Island and mainland Canada.

In the backdrop, you’ll enjoy the Coastal Range peaks. You’ll also witness orca pods taking advantage of the annual run of salmons to the area. Expect these salmons to be around only till October. Aside from the killer whales, you might also run into a humpback whale. White-sided dolphins from the Pacific are common during this season as well.

If you’re a big fan of Animal Channel, you’ll have a blast. This is also the season for minke whales, porpoises, and once you’re onshore, grizzlies and black bears. Take advantage of the ideal weather by hiking through the rainforest of the Pacific. Camp out at Spyhop Point, by the beach, then explore the woods out back. At the end of the day, come back to your roomy tent right under tall hemlocks and spruce trees.

Just contact the Pacific Northwest Expeditions if you’re interested in this vacation.


If you truly want to enjoy the foliage this fall, one of the best places to go to is Vermont. Just rent a bicycle and explore the backcountry. Go on a picnic with your travel companions or your family, and you’ll be well on your way to a paradisiacal and idyllic fall vacation. You don’t even have to book for lodgings, yet, unless you feel that a lot of people will be having the same ideas you’re having.

While you’re roaming the country on your bike, you can go inn-hopping. Go past the farmlands, hit the road to the country, and explore the valley between Adirondacks and the Green Mountains. You think you’ll get lost on your own? Don’t worry, Vermont is also friendly to solo-travelers. You can sign yourself up on a bicycle tour. One of the leading trip leaders is Gerry Slager who has been in Vermont for 30 years.

Slager’s excursions are highly noted for their easy pace. You won’t have to worry about catching up with the rest of the group. You’ll be guided through the shoreline of the popular Lake Champlain, and you’ll also be given time to enjoy the waters. Gear up for some kayaking, or if you’re not a big fan of chilly waters, just enjoy the view and walk down the trails of the woods. Just enjoy the vibrant colors of fall.

The bicycle tour also includes a stop at the Shelburne Museum and a trip to Morgan Horse Farm. In Middlebury, you’ll also be taken to the workshop of a 5th generation silversmith, just so you’ll know how these crafts are made. For a six-day trip, the damage isn’t bad. Just prepare to spend between $1,395 and $1,745 if you’re traveling with a companion.

Escalante Canyons, Utah

The tour operator for this trip is Ecohike, and the Grant Johnson, the group’s lead guide, has been in this area since 1975. You’ll appreciate his passion for the geologic features of Escalante Canyons. Some participants even consider him infectious. Know more about the prehistoric cultures of Utah when you go on any of his daytrips.

In the trip to Kayenta Passages, in particular, you’ll be asked to set up camp at the sandy beach strip of Escalante River. Then, you’ll explore each of the snake-like passages in between the canyons per day. The daytrips are pretty relaxing, with lush vegetation in the canyons during this season. The mornings are generally cool, and you’ll be allowed to wade through the river before sunset.

Most of the participants enjoy climbing the Anasazi trails the most. These walks are squeezed in between your daily activities. Take note of the prehistoric art which are drawn on the canyon walls. Bring a good camera, too, because rock formations like this one can only mean good photography.

You’ll be spending approximately $1,420 for a tour that lasts for five days. Traveling with another companion costs only a little bit more if you’re sharing a tent.

Baja Peninsula

Another good way to spend your fall vacation is to visit the Espiritu Santo Island in the southern portion of Baja. Otherwise known as the Mexican Galapagos, this area is just teeming with sea life. You’re likely to encounter anything from dolphins to manta rays when you visit during the fall. This is also a popular destination during the summer, but it’s really more advisable to go during the fall. This way, you’ll dodge the annoying crowds.

The weather is also perfect. The water’s not too cold, and it’s not too hot at the beach, either. You’ll also catch the Baja dessert blooming if you go there during the season. If you sign up with O.A.R.S., you’ll be given a chance to kayak, snorkel, camp, as well as explore the terrain of the island through hiking excursions.

The most impressive things you’ll see here include the Baja “lace”. Here, pink ash from the volcano just takes a dip from the cliffs. At Los Islotes, you can also swim with the sea lions and the inhabitants of the island.

Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

Autumn is, without a doubt, the best time for you to get closer to nature. If you want to enjoy nature hikes as well as learn some mean backpacking skills, then you should head out to the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee. You’ll be a pro in no time when you sign up with REI, you’ll be traversing the slopes of the Smokey Mountains. The hike will take around eight to 12 days, and the ascent, somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 feet.

Aside from basic backpacking skills, you’ll be taught which plants are safe to eat, and be given a rundown of the rainforest’s ecosystem. The hike begins as Gatlinburg, going through the Appalachian Trail, and further up the Clingman’s Dome.

On the way to Derrick Knob, you’ll come across a number of hardwood forests as well as treeless mountaintops which make for great photography. If you feel like taking photos, just tell your guide and you’ll be accommodated. This trip will also take you to Thunderhead Mountain’s three peaks, as well as a pretty shelter at a mountain meadow.

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