Hotels and food in Sao Paolo
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Hotels and food in Sao Paolo

told you something about Sao Paolo. Fascinating city indeed, despite its proportions. If you intend to visit it, as I am suggesting, you have many opportunities and possibilities.

First of all, about gastronomy. You can eat very cheap on the streets, you will not be starving in Sao Paolo(ask also about churrascarias). I f you have a bigger budget, remember something: Sao Paolo is one of the world’s gastronomic capital (Paris, New York and Tokyo are the other ones!). So, whatever specific dish from every corner of the Earth are you looking, I am very confident that you can find it. You find vietnam, thai, french, japanese, lebanese etc etc restaurants. By the way, as I promised since some time, we must discuss more about local gastronomic specialties.!

Besides international cuisine, you can find here something specials from the brasilian state Minas Gerais( which is not usually for all brasilians). First of all, many delicious deserts based on the plenty of tropical fruits you can find here. Absolutely delicious, and having not many calories, as you understand what I mean. The Paulistanos love and eat much beef, you can order it as a portion,or as Rodizio, when you become more and more beef, as you like it and still can diggest. And you can also find some specialties:Tutu de Feijão“ (beans), „Torresmo“ (meat), „Linguiça de Porco“ (meathotdogs).

Hotels and food in Sao Paolo

Enjoy your meals in Sao Paolo, and prepare not to sleep, as the night life is tumultuos !Vila Olimpia, Moema, Morumbi and Jardines with all their pubs, bars and discos must be your targets, ask about them! You won’t miss anything from a night life, including official and unofficial red light districts.

Shall I mention the hotels? Of course, you must lodge somewhere, near the easy alternatives ” under the bridge”, hostels,luxury hotels you have a wide range of . I can recommend you the Hyatt Morumbi, Renaissance, Hollyday Inn,Intercontinental as high level and high expectation hotels. Lieing in the downtown, they offer also light access to the entertainment possibilities and night life.

I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Sao paolo, and I think it is one of the cities you can fall. It is high probably that you are going to stay there one year.

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