Top 5 destinations in April
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Top 5 destinations in April

1. Greece. In two weeks from now on, there will be the orthodox eastern. You may not miss it, even if you are not an orthodox. It is a kind of magic, you will see.

2. Jamaica. The best, if you are in love or in the honey moon. Take the music of Bob Marley with,you will understand even better, and after that you will love more both, the country and the music.

3.Addis Abeba. A big and important african city, wonded after a war.

4. New York. You need no special motivations for traveling to New York , I feel sometimes that I simply want to be there. It is a kind of attraction exerted by this megacity I already wrote about it. Let’s see what is new there.

5. Bilbao,Spain, Basques land. Industrial, cultural, touristic city. Do not miss the Guggenheim Museum from Bilbao, which is designed by the leading architect Frank Gehry, and is considered to be one of the wonders of today world.

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