List of 7 Best Destinations this Season
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List of 7 Best Destinations this Season

The breeze is starting to be chilly and the prices of tickets are going down. If you are in the mood to taste some wine, appreciate the colors of the leaves, or if you just want to enjoy the life in the city then you will love the list that we prepared for you below.

Have a great holiday in some of the best urban centers, wineries, national parks, and orchards. Here are our top picks for the top destinations this season:

Florence, Italy

Florence is the center of the renaissance movement in Italy. It served as the birthplace of what we know today as modern politics. Florence was also considered by the great artist Michelangelo as his adopted hometown. There is a lot more to discover when you travel to Florence Italy.

Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, Tennessee

The Great Smoky Mountain undoubtedly is a great sight any time of the year but if you want to catch the spectacular colors of the trees in crimson, purples, and oranges then visit during autumn.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, popularly called as the Red City, provides an exotic and enticing get away. Fall is a perfect time to have a Marrakesh holiday since the temperature is just right and the market is overflowing with the best produce from the slopes of the Atlas Mountains.

Napa Valley, California

Head into the vineyards of Napa Valley California during fall and you will be right in time for the harvest. The region is the biggest producer of good wines in the United States and a lot of wine lovers flock to this sunny state to sample vintages.

New York

An autumn in New York may sound too Hollywood. It may be since you have heard the line in movies and songs. Ask anyone from New York and they will tell you why it is the best season to be in the city.

Provence, Southern France

Tourists may be leaving the Provencal Region when summer ends. Locals know that the best is yet to come as fall begins when the rust French houses still remain surrounded by the wonderful colors of the fields. The picturesque country roads will lead you to the vineyards which create the best French wines.


This big city in China is very crowded during the summer. Off peak travelers can enjoy the city while the colder breeze of November blows.

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