Travel Money: Where can your $30 take you?
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Travel Money: Where can your $30 take you?

There comes a time when you just want to say [enter expletives here]! I need a vacation. Indeed you do. Sadly, your budget sucks and you end up thinking, I might as well stay home during my three-day vacation. Fear not, my fellow young professionals. Travel need not be expensive. In fact, you can go to many places inside and outside of the country with a budget of $30/day. Don’t believe us? Well, here are our top 5 places to go to when we’re out of budget but really desperate for a vacation away from the city.


Ahh, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lots and lots of green! Yes, we’re talking about fun in the sun, baby! What most people forget is that a trip to Thailand is relatively trip. Sure, it’s almost as famous as Indonesia, Hong Kong, or Singapore but Thailand remains budget-traveler-friendly despite its high tourism stats. Oh sure, many of the more popular tourist destinations are a bit pricey but if you’re traveling to Thailand on a budge, why not take on the roads less traveled? Like many countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand offers lots of budget rooms options at $6-10 a night. The budget rooms in Thailand are always kept tidy and safe for everyone. If you want to save more money, it is recommended that you book your hotel online weeks in advances. Websites like Asia Rooms and Direct Rooms even offer bigger discounts for group and solo travelers. Want a bigger? Check these websites for promos in 4 star and 5 star hotels.

When in Thailand, do what everybody does: taste some of the best local foods at the street stalls! It’s true that the tastiest dishes are the ones you can get on the streets. What’s good to know is that foods sold in street stalls in Southeast Asia are relatively fresher compared to the ones you buy in the West. Fresher meat, lesser bacteria, right? Thai food is not necessarily spicy. It is, however, packed with lots of spices. Street food in Thailand is the best. You can find the best food stalls in Chinatown or Yaowarat, Sukhumvit Soi 38, Chatuchak Weekend Market, and Pratunaml. Make sure you try the authentic Pad Thai and you might just be surprised how inexpensive it is here. For less than $5, you can munch on some of the tastiest culinary local delicacies Thailand has to offer. Partying in Thailand is a different story. While there are lots of street parties you can go to, drinks cost about $2 each. So as long as you keep your alcohol intake low, you’ll be able to keep your budget low.

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is another cheap destination in Southeast Asia if you know where to look for budget-friendly accommodations. Flights to Indonesia are expensive, yes, but do not fear. Once you land on your destination, living in Indonesia is relatively low key. There are rooms in Kuta that costs $1000/night. This can totally shock and render you teary-eyed if you visit Indonesia for the first time however, do not fear. Next to these 4 – and 5- star hotels are budget rooms that you can get for as low as $10/night. Local dishes in Indonesia will cost you about $2. If you fancy some western dishes, it will cost you some $4 per dish. Try to visit more of the non-touristy places so you can enjoy more activities for lesser cost.


For a destination so breathtaking, it’s quite common for most people to think that traveling to Greece will cost you so much. What most people don’t understand is that the Greek lifestyle is very low key and even before the country suffered bankruptcy, traveling to Greece is already inexpensive. Imagine this, you can get a succulent lamb dinner for only $10. While drinks are about $2 – $3, this is still relatively cheap. There are many budget rooms available in Greece that you can get for only $15. All in all, you can go all out in Greece for only $55. Now compare this to that $30 dorm room rental in Paris and Amsterdam. If you want to savor the European lifestyle on a budget, visit Greece first.

Central America

While Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica are a bit pricey, other places in Central America offer sanctuary for less. On your next vacation, try to explore Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua where budget rooms will cost you only $10 a night. Amazingly, meals here are about $3 to $4 dollars and are delectably good. Here’s the best part: you can get a bottle of ice cold beer for less than a dollar! Cozy lifestyle, balmy breeze, white sands, and blue waters, visit Central America whenever you need to get away from the harshness of city life.


If you’re a history fan, travel to Budapest for a historic adventure. Budget hostels in Budapest go for as low as $8 a night. For private rooms, it costs about twice as much but that is relatively cheap compared to other travel destinations. Here’s good news for Budapest travelers: meals in Budapest are super cheap but are super tasty! The best kebab sandwich can be found at the market place and sandwich shops and they are only $2 a piece. If you want to go all out in Budapest, a budget of about $30 a night will go a long way. Amazingly, with all its rich cultural and historical places, Budapest is as amazing as Vienna and Prague.

There are many countries in Southeast Asia and Europe that are very budget-friendly. That’s why many backpackers visit the place every year. You can travel to as many countries as you want for less as long as you know where to look for budget rooms and cheap meals. Activities in these countries are also less expensive compared to travel destinations like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing weekend away from work. And the best part? It’s all within your budget!

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