Best Places to do something positive about your midlife crisis
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Best Places to do something positive about your midlife crisis

We had a post before about the best things you can do when you are suffering from a midlife crisis. This stage of your life can really be frustrating for some. There are places though around the globe which can somehow help you cope with all the frustrations and boredom midlife crisis brings. These places will give you opportunities to reinvent yourself.


Aside from all their tourism expenditures which gives us some of the most wonderful and creative architectures in history, Dubai is a haven for shoppers. If you think you need a makeover, getting your new outfit and your new look will be very easy in Dubai. You can get everything from your pants, dress, handbags, and jewelries. The bling blings are lining the street of the gold souq of Dubai. It is gold crazy and about 25 tons of gold jewelries are on display. Name it and most likely they have it from necklace, to earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Route 66 (USA)

When you just want to have a long drive while trying to get in touch with yourself, consider a road trip along Route 66 which takes you across the United States. We are pretty sure that resolving your issues will look pretty cool when you are cruising on a Harley Davidson or a posh top down classic. You can choose a lot of interstate routes but we suggest you take the iconic and the historic Route 66 as you travel from Chicago in the East to Santo Monica in the West. This road has been witness to the legends of film, literature, and music. It will also be nice if you take a video cam with you so you can record your journey. It will be a few tanks of gas but it will be well worth it.

Monte Carlo in Monaco

Ready your tux and pick up lines if you want to jet set in Monaco like Bond, James Bond. The people here are beautiful and they just out glamour one another as you see their yachts and luxury cars. The press from around the globe always monitors the who of business that enjoy the sunshine and glass of wine. The high rollers play with the high rollers in their extravagant casinos. More excitement comes when the calendar strikes January for the Monte Carlo Rally and May for the Grand Prix in Monaco. Monte Carlo is perfect for some adrenaline rush but beware of the heavy spending involved.

Rishikesh (India)

If you are doing some soul searching and want to look for a spot to experience a spiritual epiphany, you may be considering St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or Lhasa in the silence of Tibet. Another ideal spot will be the Rishikesh in India.

Rishikesh is considered to be the yoga capital of the world and is the number one spot for Hindu learning and philosophy for John Lennon and the rest of the Beatles. The town is near the sacred Ganges just by the base of the Himalaya mountains. The place is lined with Ashrams, and tourists can mingle with the holy men of the place.

Las Vegas

Your first marriage might have lacked something like an Elvis Presley impersonator, a polyester suit, and someone that you have just met. Life is a gamble maybe you will cross paths with someone special in Vegas. There are more than your fingers and toes combined for places where you can say “I do”, and every year about 100,000 couples tie the knot in the Strip. There will be some celebrities too as you can see in the news. The Little White Wedding Chapel welcomes couples 24 hours so there is still time after you gained or gave away some chips on the poker table.

Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Manila, Mumbai

Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing those extra bulges or wrinkles showing up? Considering some nipping and tucking? Health tourism is booming in Asia particularly in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Phuket. India is also a great place to have that operation to boost your confidence. These countries have state of the art facilities and top caliber doctors. Whether you are having a nose lift or a hip replacement, it will be a matter of short time and you can enjoy the tropical weather and the beach.


Macau is a casino lover’s paradise. You can put something against your home or give up your retirement plan so you can get into the Crown Casino in Taipa Island. The stakes are very high in any of the 200 gaming tables in this lavish six star gambling place.

There are still a lot of choices if you do not want to hurt your bank account. Almost 30 other casinos can fulfill your fancy for a high roller lifestyle. Check out the Emperor Palace Casino which boasts of gold and marble blending well with the chips played on the tables. There is also the lively and popular Casino Lisboa.

Silverstone (England)

Do not let anyone pull you down if you really want to be a race car driver. Well not full time though but you will enjoy the moment plus your heart thumping with all excitement. The Silverstone Track is home to the British Grand Prix. Believe it or not but you can test drive a very powerful car on the very same race track where legends were made since the 1950’s. Imagine yourself stepping on the pedal of the Ferrari as you handle the straight, burn some rubber as you slow down through a corner. Or maybe go for a single-seater or monstrous four wheel drive. Just make sure you are ready to give up all the crazy driving style in Silverstone.

Petra (Jordan)

Petra was used for the production of the famous Indiana Jones film and when you see it, you will enjoy every step you take. You will go through a narrow canyon to get to the entrance carved out from a reddish sandstone. You will see the Khazneh where lies the Holy Grail (it is the fictional home at least) upon entering. They are still excavating the Temple of the Winged Lions. Be careful. There will big balls of rock rolling. There will be traps and snake pits. Okay. Just kidding. The only hassle will be bumping shoulders with the other 3,000 people who also flock the place.

Sydney and Melbourne

There are a ton of things you can do in Australia. One exciting way to pump the adrenaline is to swim with the sharks in the Oceanarium of Sydney or in the aquarium in Melbourne. You can get close and personal with these ocean rulers while they check you our as a meal. Friend and love ones can watch you through the glass of the aquarium. Crazy eh? Well its man versus beasts and it never fails to amaze everyone.

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